The Guggenheim Museums

Sejae Burey

Debbie Graham

Interdisciplinary Arts HU 2301-Online

Victory University

Week Seven


The Guggenheim Museums

Both structures serve as museums and house various artwork for people to visit. The Guggenheim Bilbao Museo, Spain and Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York are both unique and futuristic in their design. Despite their similarities in beauty and purpose, there are differences that exist between both sites.


The Guggenheim Bilbao was designed by Frank Gehry embraces Deconstrucivist principles. Deconstrucivist architecture is evident in its design. Deconstrucivists architects attempt to disrupt conventional categories or architecture and rupture the viewer’s expectations based on them. Characteristics such as disorder, dissonance, imbalance, asymmetry, irregularity, and unconformity are evident instead of order, harmony, balance, symmetry, regularity and clarity (Kleiner 460). The Guggenheim Bilbao Museo has been designed to present a mass of irregular asymmetrical and imbalanced forms whose profiles change depending on the angle for which it was viewed.


The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, located in New York was on the other hand designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.  Unlike the previously discussed, this museum embodies modernism principles that stressed simplicity, geometry and organic sculptural qualities. It has thick walls and a solid organic shape, while the other one (Bilbao) is more sleek and futuristic in design with a bit more intricacy.  It was built 1943-1949 while Guggenheim Bilbao Museo was established in 1997.


Both structures reflect the creativity and ingenious of their architects as well as reflect influence from the various periods in which they were created.


Works Cited

Kleiner, Fred S. Gardener’s Art through the Ages:A Concise Western History third edition. Boston: Wadsworth, 2014. Print.



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