How to Care for Your Hair in Braids

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ImageImageImageImageThere is a tendency to put your hair in a protective style and forget all about it! I do it lot (hides face :))! However, that isn’t very good for our hair, our hair still wants to be moisturised whether or not it in braids, and it will still get dry and break off whether or not it’s in braids. Also, some of the materials used to make our synthetic braids are quite drying to the hair, so to minimize breakage during our braid take-down it’s necessary to keep the hair moisturized and clean. Anyway, my friend asked me how I take of my hair while it’s in braids, so this post is long overdue! Enjoy!

  • Before you braid: I make sure my hair is washed and deep conditioned, so it’s at its strongest state. This way it’s more elastic during the styling process and is less prone to breakage.

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